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Now that the work of imagining your design is done, and planting is complete, consider us your qualified partner to maintain the grounds.

We are attentive, capable and available for the work of keeping your investment growing with four-season consistency.

With a meeting once a year, or as often as necessary, together we’ll determine the objectives for your property and long term plans for careful action. Through our collaboration, you get educated experience, access to trade wisdom, along with the peace of seeing your vision take hold.


Plant Health Care

Our team is equipped with the most current and comprehensive guidance for plant care, sustainability and root health.

Researching and adopting the recommendations from Pennsylvania’s horticultural experts, we offer the best possible advice for tending to your property through every season.

For consistently lush surroundings, we are exceptionally selective with the materials and practices for weeding beds and tending each plant properly. Our preventive maintenance saves unnecessary damage from disease or pests.

Tree & Shrub Pruning

With the distinct recognition as an ISA Certified Arborist, Thomas McNulty brings expertise, best practices and the scientific theory of arboriculture to every conversation. 

Our team knows just how your plants will respond to pruning by hand, in the exactly right places, with the appropriate tools. Each cut creating the framework for future growth.

Committed to each tree’s seasonal cycle, our training ensures we prune properly for the safety of all who enjoy its beauty.


Lawn Care

Bring the same green of your favorite golf course to your home turf with our proven science.

We start by analyzing your soil to determine the elements on site and any deficiencies. Knowing the levels of phosphorus, potassium and a host of others, we account for the available nutrients, and control the precise amount of fertilizer, lime or other supplements necessary to encourage growth. The result is a more organic process of care, with fewer chemical additives.

In addition to the gorgeous appearance of a healthy lawn, proper mineral levels in your soil ensure each blade of grass can withstand a drought, fungus or weeds and invasive pests.

Routine care creates the luxurious cut patterns you love, while preventing erosion by wind and water. What’s more, our reliable team will meet your expectations for mowing, edging and tidying up.

Seasonal Enhancements

Let us suggest simple ways to take advantage of each thriving season.

Welcome the signs of spring with budding trees and flowering bulbs. The perennial blooms of summer add vibrant hues and fragrance to your yard. As evenings turn chillier, hearty fall plantings add texture and focus. Woody evergreens and holly extend the holiday hospitality throughout the winter. 

Whether you update plant beds or grand containers every season, we’ll enhance each sightline with an interesting sequence of growth and color.


Prescriptive Landscape Care

We’re your private gardeners. We know every inch of your property and maintain the proper pruning and planting schedules based on each year’s frost and moon phases. Beyond hand cutting overgrowth with precision, we know the methods, frequency and exact timing specific to each plant in our care.

Whether we’re tending your trees, perennials, shrubs, adding mulch or trimming your lawn, you can trust we’re focused on keeping your exquisite surroundings robust and beautiful. Brush, debris and any signs of passing storms vanish when we work on your property and haul it all away. Count on us to arrive onsite — according to an annual plan we create together — or as often as you like.

Respect. Honesty. Advice.





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